My new experiment: Fimo

Fimo is the most famous brand of polymer clay, a clay that you can mould and then you cook in the oven for approximately 30 minutes at a temperature of 110°C, but it may vary depending on the provider. It’s ok to overcook it if you need it, but you have to make sure you don’t cook it at a higher temperature as it burns and it’s toxic.

    I discover this a couple of weeks ago on ebay, and ordered it straight    away. I chose a cheap option with 32 colours of an unbranded      polymer  clay. When they arrived they looked really small and I was  not sure how  much I was going to be able to do with such little  quantity, but it  turned out to be enough for the size of the things I am  thinking of.

I’ve learnt that is really important before working with this material,  to wash your hands and make sure that everything you use is clean, as  everything will stick onto it.

I was worried about burning them, and as it is the first time I’ve tried them I might actually have to cook it another time to make sure it will last long and resist. I’m planning to make brooches ^^. So far  I’m quite happy with the results, but I have to connect with my inner toddler and get better at moulding and working with clay.

A voice in the distance by Tabitha Suzuma

Almost a year later and have read a couple of books in the middle. I find myself wanting to read more of Note of Madness so I searched for similar books. To my surprise I found out that there was a second book, the continuation of the main plot and I was like a dog with two tails so I ordered straight away and counted the days and hours for it to arrive. When it finally came, I started reading it straight away finishing my working day on Friday, and read it non stop until I finished it at Saturday midday. It had been a while since I devoured a book in less than 24 hours. I loved it!

This time, it goes deeper on the daily life, dealing with the  medication and trying to have a “normal” life, the struggle, the  equilibrium and the breakdown. Again, I think it has a really human  approach, without judging and deepening in the psychological  perspective, with thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc. So again, I totally  recommend this book.

The author has some other books more popular than these as I have  noticed online, but their topics are quite hard and intense so it’s not  suitable for everybody. I might give Hurt a try when the price comes  down, in the meanwhile I will try with “The bell jar” by Sylvia Plath.  We’ll see how it goes.


A note of madness

That is the title of what for me was the 2014’s book. It fell on my hands by mere chance, while I was digging in the charity shops world for the first time. After reading a couple of descriptions, this book really caught me, and for a really low     price, it was worth trying.
It was my first book in English since I moved to London. I have   read    others, but in Uruguay is not particularly easy to find diversity of    titles  in English. In general they are best sellers, meaning not only of  doubtful  interest, but also with hundreds of unnecessary pages, so it had  been a  while.
So far I have not dealt with mental health issues more than as a    psychologist, so my perspective is particular, but I think that this book  talks about it not only not being judgemental about it, but with total  honesty and from a humanising point of view. You can really feel the  struggle, the doubts, the crisis of the main character, and I think that is  why I loved this book. I enjoyed every single page of it, wanting to keep  on reading it but at the same not too fast so it wouldn’t come to an end.
I would recommend it to anyone that likes psychological novels,  definitely.

Making the t-shirt yarn

I must say that I have never tried to do it myself (which is something not common as I love to try everything and make everything, but sometimes you just have to give in and enjoy that someone else has already done it for you), but I think it’s worth giving it a try.

If you click the image it will take you to the blog where there is a video that explains it.

Hope you find it useful! ^^

Original t-shirt yarn flip flops

This is the original image where I took the t shirt yarn flip flops idea.

At the beginning it seems easy, in the middle a bit tricky and at the end it’s just about understanding how the thing goes and it becomes easy again 🙂

I will stick to my plan of using it as a sole for the yarn slippers. I might go to HobbyCraft this week to get some nice yarn. If anybody knows a nice shop in London where to buy yarn in store at good prices, please let me know. HobbyCrafts is good, but going there is a travel adventure :/ .

T-shirt yarn flip flops

I found this on pinterest and I found it quite interesting. I was originally looking for a sole for a knitted slippers, so I thought to give it a go.


It was quite easy to do it, once you get the trick and got it right. I was quite amused in the process, but you have to be patient. For me it was a trial, so I put middle effort on it.

It is really comfy, but if you want them for flip flops you have to give them a more hard structure, wire maybe? But as in my case I was looking for a sole for a slippers project, it might work. I have to work out how to saw the wool yarn in the t shirt yarn… that will be a challenge. So let’s give it a go!^^

Fresh start. Day 1

A new day, a new project.

Because life is about making projects to move on, to enjoy, to learn, to share.

What can be better for a rainy Sunday that trying to figure out how to keep on growing,  how to take advantage of what life gives you or can give you? Result: feeling slightly manic about starting a new project to organise and share things that are spread all over the web… And here I go ^^

We’ll see how it goes.