A note of madness

That is the title of what for me was the 2014’s book. It fell on my hands by mere chance, while I was digging in the charity shops world for the first time. After reading a couple of descriptions, this book really caught me, and for a really low     price, it was worth trying.
It was my first book in English since I moved to London. I have   read    others, but in Uruguay is not particularly easy to find diversity of    titles  in English. In general they are best sellers, meaning not only of  doubtful  interest, but also with hundreds of unnecessary pages, so it had  been a  while.
So far I have not dealt with mental health issues more than as a    psychologist, so my perspective is particular, but I think that this book  talks about it not only not being judgemental about it, but with total  honesty and from a humanising point of view. You can really feel the  struggle, the doubts, the crisis of the main character, and I think that is  why I loved this book. I enjoyed every single page of it, wanting to keep  on reading it but at the same not too fast so it wouldn’t come to an end.
I would recommend it to anyone that likes psychological novels,  definitely.

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