My new experiment: Fimo

Fimo is the most famous brand of polymer clay, a clay that you can mould and then you cook in the oven for approximately 30 minutes at a temperature of 110°C, but it may vary depending on the provider. It’s ok to overcook it if you need it, but you have to make sure you don’t cook it at a higher temperature as it burns and it’s toxic.

    I discover this a couple of weeks ago on ebay, and ordered it straight    away. I chose a cheap option with 32 colours of an unbranded      polymer  clay. When they arrived they looked really small and I was  not sure how  much I was going to be able to do with such little  quantity, but it  turned out to be enough for the size of the things I am  thinking of.

I’ve learnt that is really important before working with this material,  to wash your hands and make sure that everything you use is clean, as  everything will stick onto it.

I was worried about burning them, and as it is the first time I’ve tried them I might actually have to cook it another time to make sure it will last long and resist. I’m planning to make brooches ^^. So far  I’m quite happy with the results, but I have to connect with my inner toddler and get better at moulding and working with clay.

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