Finally I have finished my very first slippers ^^ I’ve tried to make them as easy, original and warm as possible so I checked different ways and alternatives to make them as best as possible, according to the materials I could get access to. Finally what I’ve done is to buy warm insoles and patiently perforate them with a small screwdriver (I strongly recommend trying to get something better to do so as your fingers might get a little bit sore afterwards). Then I knitted the first row of the crochet with a thin yarn* (the main yarn I wanted to use was too thick for that) and then swap to the main yarn I chose. As I wanted to make something original and different, plus learn something new, I used the Tiny Mock Popcorn stitch, which sounds fancy but it’s extremely easy. When I finished knitting, I pasted the insole to a flip flop (I previously removed the strips so it was flat to paste the insole on top) and let it dry for 24 hours. So far they feel really cosy and warm, but to be honest I want to wait and see how the special glue goes before claiming victory, hehe.

*Note: you have to be careful with the amount of tension when you knit the first row in the insole, it has to be strong enough not to be lose but not so tight that it will curve the insole and therefore wont glue properly to the flip flop.

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