-Not- A dream catcher

This is a quick and easy present, a “pensiero” as they call it in Italian which means “a thought”. I love that expression because that’s exactly what it is, a little reminder that I’ve been thinking about someone.

As I could not find anything circular that I could use and had no time to buy anything, I took the always useful polymorph plastic (has different names) that gets malleable with hot water.

Then I took a package of lace that you can find in Pounland or anything similar. I chose a medium width and the right length to wrap the circle and secure it with super glue. As it was cotton lace it stayed there. 

the last bit is the easiest part, you just have to fold half of the lace that you’ve got (I previously cut it in different lengths) and then pass it through the ring making a knot when you fasten it. They more you pull, the flatter the knot is. Finally I added some butterflies (also found in pounland) just to give an extra detail. The original idea was to do a dream catcher but I didn’t have the appropriate thread, so that was the plan b.

As i had some extra lace when I wrapped the circle I decided to sew it to make it easier to hang, but it is not particularly necessary.