-DIY- Canvas quote

When I saw this quote a particular friend came to my mind. What a perfect opportunity to give it to him as a gift! He has a “personal quote” rather similar so I liked the idea but I could have chosen his quote as well (actually I thought of this afterwards, hehe).

A couple of months ago a new Poundworld opened nearby and when on an exploring mission, I was surprised by the wide range of objects at such a low price! (sometimes below or over a pound). I got a nice thin canvas and 12 acrylic paints for only £2!

At the beginning I wanted to try with proper calligraphy, but then I realised not only my calligraphy skills were so good, nor my ability of using a brush and acrylic paint, so I decided to draw it and then paint it. If I have had more time, I would have mixed the colours and have a nice gradient transition. There will always be another chance to try 😉