Captain’s armband

It’s been a long long time since the last update, but that does not mean I have not done anything all these months.

I have been ‘playing’ (is more of an attempt on my side) football with my working colleagues for a good couple of months now. From the beginning, we had a designated team captain but it was only when her birthday came up a few weeks ago that this idea popped into my head, an armband like a proper football team!

I made the letter with crochet, following this video and it was way easier than expected! I only struggled a bit with at the end as the sides of the letter were too close. I followed the advice for adjusting the shape by securing it to a towel and spraying some water and letting it dry, but it did not really seem to work. Perhaps you have to do that and once dried sew it straight away.

I also thought of adding the name of our team. I thought of embroidery (although I am not really fan of it) but wasn’t sure about how it would work with the elastic so I dropped it. Perhaps I could add it on the opposite side of the velcro, but then it needs more thinking. I quite like it like that and I hope the captain likes it too! ^^

PS. I love my new accessories, they make everything look cute ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

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