About me

What to say… I’m an incurably curious person, I am always looking for something new to do, make or explore. I love to get lost and find unexpected things even though I also like to have things under control. I am an expert on finding interesting stuff for free and I’m always exercising that skill.

Currently I’m living in London and I find it absolutely charming and love to discover it. I will never get bored of it!

I really fond of crafting and the DIY philosophy. As I’m really enthusiastic I’m always looking for something new to do, and the thing I love the most is to give away what I make. I’m aware that I have always something to improve, but for me it is not about perfection but thinking what the person might need or enjoy.

This blog is my latest project on my spare time, to organise and share everything that I do and it’s spread in different platforms. ^_^

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