Baby toy

Like always, it’s been a while since the last update, which doesn’t mean that I have been quiet. I’m always doing or thinking of a new project, when I’m not, I remind myself how good I feel when I do have one or I’m making one. It doesn’t matter how much time I’ve got, as long as I choose the right project for the amount of time I’d like to spend on doing it (without getting frustrated or too anxious, just the right balance).

This time was a request from a friend who was heavily pregnant and wanted a toy for her baby: an amigurumi octopus!

It was quite easy and I liked the way it came out. The biggest challenge was to make the eyes and the little star in the head (also a mouth that didn’t turn out good so I gave up). I still have a long way to go practicing eyes, little ‘accesories’ and mouths when the crochet pattern is quite ‘open’. In any case, I liked the idea, loved that she actually requested it, and her now 5 months old baby likes it!

Oldie but goodie

I have realised after a long time that I haven’t uploaded the pictures of these lovely frames I did last year! I think they are definitely one of my favourites crafts from the last years. They are really easy and fast to knit and they look gorgeous! You can actually make any pattern that you fancy and it will always be a unique present with a vintage touch 😉