Original t-shirt yarn flip flops

This is the original image where I took the t shirt yarn flip flops idea.

At the beginning it seems easy, in the middle a bit tricky and at the end it’s just about understanding how the thing goes and it becomes easy again 🙂

I will stick to my plan of using it as a sole for the yarn slippers. I might go to HobbyCraft this week to get some nice yarn. If anybody knows a nice shop in London where to buy yarn in store at good prices, please let me know. HobbyCrafts is good, but going there is a travel adventure :/ .

T-shirt yarn flip flops

I found this on pinterest and I found it quite interesting. I was originally looking for a sole for a knitted slippers, so I thought to give it a go.


It was quite easy to do it, once you get the trick and got it right. I was quite amused in the process, but you have to be patient. For me it was a trial, so I put middle effort on it.

It is really comfy, but if you want them for flip flops you have to give them a more hard structure, wire maybe? But as in my case I was looking for a sole for a slippers project, it might work. I have to work out how to saw the wool yarn in the t shirt yarn… that will be a challenge. So let’s give it a go!^^

Fresh start. Day 1

A new day, a new project.

Because life is about making projects to move on, to enjoy, to learn, to share.

What can be better for a rainy Sunday that trying to figure out how to keep on growing,  how to take advantage of what life gives you or can give you? Result: feeling slightly manic about starting a new project to organise and share things that are spread all over the web… And here I go ^^

We’ll see how it goes.